luxury rehab amenitiesThe amenities provided to clients of a luxury rehab facility enhance the experience they have while in treatment. Some amenities are even part of the treatment itself. Not every rehabilitation facility has the operating budget to provide its clients with resort style amenities, but a luxury rehab will go above and beyond to make their clients feel comfortable and surrounded by the amenities they are used to in their day to day lives.
Luxury rehabs will frequently offer special amenities such as jacuzzis, saunas, gyms and game rooms to their clients. Some of these are considered part of the addiction treatment in the sense that they are restorative to a person’s health, such as in the case of the jacuzzi, gym and sauna, while others are purely recreational and intended for downtime, such as the game room.
An important feature of many luxury rehabs is a business center. Because luxury rehabs are frequented by many high profile individuals, many of whom are CEOs, doctors, attorneys or other people of notable professions, many clients need to remain in contact with their place of business while they are attending rehab. This is facilitated through the use of phones, computers, fax machines and other business center amenities. Frequently, a luxury rehab will also adjust the treatment schedule around the client’s needs so that they can attend business trips and meetings.
Luxury rehabs frequently provide clients with the things they will need to enjoy certain recreational activities, such as mats for yoga, kayaks to go out on a lake or poles to hike with. Luxury rehabs often invest in day passes to ski areas, museums, theatres and similar venues when it is time to break from intensive treatment for a pleasure occasion.
The rehabilitation center itself is also full of luxurious amenities in the form of state of the art appliances, comfortable furniture, appealing decor and other unique features. The clientele of a luxury rehab is typically used to being around the finer things, and it is important to accommodate their way of life while they are recovering from addiction.